Saturday, August 1, 2009


I no longer drink Starbucks on a regular basis. After at least 7 years of having one a week (it's true, sometimes more!), I have decided to save it for special occasions. I started to drink McDonald's iced coffees more in the last few months, they are cheaper and they hit the spot for me. But, I've slowly been tapering off those as well. It's crazy to think of how much money I've spent over the years on coffee! Aron and I have recently been taking a closer look at how we spend our money and I think something in me just finally said, "Enough. Be wiser." This isn't to say I'll never buy coffee while I'm out, or I won't enjoy gift cards if they are given, but rather, that I want to make a more concerted effort about where my money is going. And of course, this post isn't to make anyone feel guilty if you drink Starbucks weekly. This is just for me.

Just wanted to share. :)


  1. I know that will be hard...if you need long distance support just call!
    Do they have Coffee Drinkers Anonymous yet?

  2. I am totally with you. We sat down and added up all of these "little" expenses, and, EEK! not so little! It sure is hard when you REALLY want a coffee, though....(or Red Bull, in my husband's case!)

    Thanks for posting was a reminder for me, as well!