Thursday, January 15, 2009

allison duckworth birth photography

Our good friend Allison Duckworth graciously photographed Curren's birth. She put them in a slideshow for us to proof and we were so stoked we wanted to share it with yall.

She is looking to get in this line of work so if you expecting and/or know someone that is drop her a line. She is linked on our blog under Our Lives/Central/The Duckworths

Jason/Charlotte - thanks for letting us 'borrow' your mother in the middle of the night!


  1. Suz, thes are amazing and precious moments - and she captured them so beautifully! what a treasure to have these!

    So, upon more viewing of little man, I gotta change my mind and say he's all Aron too. :)


  2. OH SUZANNE!! how beautiful to have all of this captured on film this way. I totally watched it with tears in my brings back so many memories/emotions!

    thank you for sharing!

  3. beyond beautiful. it brought back so many memories of my children's births...what a lovely keepsake to treasure always. totally crying...

  4. oh suz! what a treasure to have these photos to remember the birth of your beautiful boy! my births are a blur in my memory...would have been great to have something like this. oh, so great. loved seeing this so soon after his arrival! it's like i was there! and dang, that boy is CUTE!!! love him. adorable. praying all is going well for you as you make this transition. hoping it's super sweet. xo

  5. I'm working through a Beth Moore Bible Study,right now. Focusing on the fruit of the Spirit that is joy, she points to Scripture references indicating that one of the ways God intended us to feel joy is to experience it through other believers--Suz, there is a lot of joy in that slideshow. Apparently I needed a good cry tonight, because I got it :o) That moment when his tiny hand appears . . . I am so proud of you for accomplishing a VBAC! Amazing--God is amazing! What a treasure :)

  6. Absolutely breathtaking!
    Congratulations again.

  7. Aron and Suzanne - all I can say is that this is simply amazing and a treasure that is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing ti with all of us. Rejoicing with you