Sunday, January 4, 2009

ode to the best maternity pants

My favorite maternity pants have been laid to rest. It's a bittersweet moment.

Last night, I ripped a hole in the already-thinning area of the pants, as seen above. These gray, comfy, light-weight wonders have seen me (as well as a few friends and one sweet sister) through 2 pregnancies. But, alas, Liz Lange does not design them anymore and believe me, I have checked Target repeatedly.

I guess it was time because while at the park yesterday, a button popped off, as well. Hmm...perhaps it's a sign that my labor will happen in the next 24 hours?!

I'm sure it's helping, too, that I have eaten eggplant Parmesan twice in the last 72 hours.
Every day I wake up and say, "[insert name here], today is your birthday!" I think today is the day!


  1. find good maternity pants! w/ as many people needing them as there are, you would think it wouldn't be so dang hard to find a good pair!

    i can't WAIT 'til you have that little boy! :D

  2. oh suz! i too am mourning this loss:( those were the most comfy pants! if i were you i'd totally try to patch them up. what do you think? can't wait til bambino comes!!! anxiously awaiting the news!!! xoxoxo

  3. oooo, and when you are almost done too!

  4. I hope I didn't help them get to that point! ;)