Tuesday, January 20, 2009

what's in a name?

Perhaps some of you are curious about our name choice for a boy. Curren is a name we have both loved since the inception of our relationship 11 years ago. In some ways, it's a bit of a redemptive name to me, seeing how our relationship has stood the test of time and trial before we married, and further seeing God's faithfulness in our marriage today. Once we learned we were having a boy, we debated this name and another, but settled on Curren. It has Gaelic and Celtic roots (as does "Maggie"), and I think we just gravitate towards these types of names. The name Curren means "hero." His middle name is a tribute to the men in our family. My dad's first name is John and both Aron's dad and brother have the middle name John. We wanted to carry it on in our immediate family as well.


  1. first of all, he could not be any cuter! i love the pic....what a little heart breaker!!

    and, i am loving the name. it's strong and flows so well.

    happy one week birthday, sweet boy!

  2. i love, love, love, love his name. i think it's a strong, yet gentle name...what i thought about owen. gotten love the gaelic names!

  3. Congrats on one week! I was wondering where you got his name...I love it. Praying for you today!