Tuesday, January 27, 2009

good friends

Last night we joined our neighbors and went to dinner at Texas de Brazil (an all-you-can-eat Brazilian beef restaraunt), where on Mondays and Tuesdays of this month only, plates are 1/2 price. It was a killer deal we couldn't pass up. As you can imagine, the food was incredible. We are so thankful for good friends and a night out.

From L-R: us, Clayton and Molly, Tyce and Bethany


  1. why don't you look tired? you look fantastic suz! so thin fashionable & awake! what's your secret?! i think i look more like a new mom than you do:) and mia's 16 months old:) sounds like a fun night out. yummy too. xo

  2. tines, i should have written in that i had a major meltdown when we got home. i think i just did too much that day. it was a pretty low point around 10pm. :)

  3. You do look smokin'! So glad you had a little time away - was this sans kids? Bravo! Sorry about the meltdown though. Isn't that just how life is sometimes? You have a great dinner, feel good, and then bam, something bring you down.

    love you - i wanna see C's stats - maybe they are down below; i'll keep reading.


  4. Suzanne: I;ve been meaning to tell you that you look great in those glasses - very vice-presidential!

  5. You look great! By the way, I love Brazilian Steak Houses, yum!