Sunday, January 4, 2009

sweet friends

On Monday night of last week, we were able to have dinner with some of our good friends from OC who were visiting family east of Dallas. Dawnielle is such a good friend of mine, she's a "kindred spirit" and I hate that we aren't getting to raise our kiddos together. Asher (who is one week younger than M) and Maggie have met on several occassions and have enjoyed a couple of beach trips together, too, whenever we have been in SoCal. The dinner was fantastic, the company even better. We love you guys!

Asher, Dawnielle, me, Maggie
This pic is for Uncle Steve. Here is Maggie, playing drums with Dawnielle's nephew, Eli. She totally has a future as a drummer!

When dinner lasted too long, the kiddos watched some of the movie "Cars."
For a good 20 minutes, they both enjoyed climbing up and sliding down the stairs.


  1. looks like such a good time! shiloh, too has discovered the joys of stairs. she scares me to death :)

    maggie always looks so sweet! thanks for the pics!

  2. strange... ask Dawnielle if she went to Scotland about 12 years ago on a missions trip...I think I recognize her from Royal Servants.

  3. good good friends...sigh....happy for your time with her.

  4. Mags is so adorable! I love her little half-pony!


  5. Uncle Steve is very impressed with Maggie's drumming skills at such a young age. He'll teach her more when he sees her next.

  6. I love you Suz, Mags, Aron and Curren! I so wish we lived closer my precious kindred spirit!