Thursday, January 15, 2009


We arrived home today (Curren's due date, how fun!) around 1pm. Maggie has been amazing. Amazing. It's wonderful to watch her begin to interact with her brother. She marvels at how small he is: "Look at his little socks!" she exclaimed earlier this evening. She is wonderful at stroking his head gently, kissing his cheek and giving him his blanket. I'm currently writing up Curren's birth story, so hopefully I will post that tomorrow.
You can get an idea of how blond Curren's hair is in this picture

Hanging out on the bed at home

Yes, Maggie put the food on his tummy; she is really quite good at sharing!


  1. how wonderful! i can't wait to hear the birth story!!!

    and how awesome to see maggie in her big sis roll! i am loving all of the pics!

  2. yay for more pics. Maggie looks so happy with him! love the hair.

  3. More pictures!!! He is adorable!! So glad that Maggie is being amazing! She does look quite taken with him. :) Happy adjusting new mama of TWO!! SOOO happy for you all!

  4. that last pic of the two of them is so dang sweet! here's to a lifetime of closeness between them.


  5. i guess i quickly jumped on your blog the other day to see the video...and missed this post & pics! how sweet! curren's hair is SO light! cute! i didn't realize! so proud of mags! i'm sure it's a bit easier to transition when the older sibling is a sis...with the mommy instict. precious girl. thinking of you guys. xo