Saturday, October 4, 2008

apartment living

Here is a tour of our apartment for your viewing pleasure. We had a hall brunch today and roamed from apartment to apartment, enjoying talking with neighbors we hadn't yet met and eating delicious food. It gave most everyone an excuse to clean up their places, too! Many of you have asked for pics of our new place and since we will be living here for the next few years (Lord-willing!), I figured you might as well get a visual sooner than later.

I didn't crop too much because I wanted to give you a picture of the overlap in the rooms. Enjoy!
Our front door...everyone decorates and puts out a family picture! Pretty cool. :)
Facing the front door--here is our desk and work space

From the living room, looking at the dining room table and desk

The view from living room window, Maggie's room, and our room--the courtyard below, parking lot and beyond, and part of campus to the left

The courtyard with swimming pools, barbeque grills, and grassy play area for the kiddos

Facing the living room

Living room

Kitchen--we have SO much space and storage; I'm quite impressed!

More kitchen

Facing the kitchen

The hallway leading to the bedrooms...all the apartments have built in bookcases which is wonderful! I actually think all homes should have them; such a great use of space, don't you think?

Maggie's room--there is a huge mirroed closet on the right

Maggie's bed

Another corner of her you can see, this room is really large. It's actually bigger than the master bedroom. I have yet to utilize all the space here.

Picture through the mirror...sorry about the handprints! :)

Our bathroom, across from Maggie's room also has tons of storage!
Another bathroom view

Master bedroom, looking on from closet

Master closet


  1. What a great place! I love the bookshelves in the hall.

  2. This is great apt living! I really like the layout, the bookshelves, how everyone decorates and puts out a family picture, and the outside courtyard area. It all looks very wonderful and cozy; I'm so glad you guys got to move in there!


  3. We have the same quilt on our bed. It reminds me of CA while living in another world. Very cute place!

  4. So cozy :) It's so much nicer than any on-campus housing I've ever seen! Everything looks brand new! Also, loved seeing the San Clemente sunset by Mr. Haupt--we have the same hanging in our bedroom :o)

  5. nice! great shelves, and the handprints make it real :)

  6. Love your new place! I remember visiting Dawn and Drew when they lived in these apartments, and thought how really nice and spacious they were. Can't wait to see yours! Love the built-in-bookshelves! And I love Mags' new crib and rocker. Very cool.

  7. Really cute place. I'm so impressed that they have a pool and BBQ area. You will make friends for a lifetime here.