Saturday, October 4, 2008

texas state fair

Tonight, on a whim, we decided to venture to the Texas State Fair, only about 10 minutes from our apartment. Neither of us had been before and we both found it enjoyable. We indulged in some good fried foods (corny dogs, a fried Snickers, and a fried S'more), saw a parade, cruised the midway, and viewed some livestock. Who could ask for more?
In front of Big can't go to the fair and not get a picture in front of this icon
Maggie LOVED the corn on the cob

Aron enjoyed the turkey leg..heck, we all did! It was so good.
Speaks for itself

I look a little zoned as I get ready to dive into the fried Snickers (Aron and I shared it and it was unbelievably filling. We couldn't eat anything afterwards)

The midway

At one point, Maggie covered her ears because the midway was SO loud.

Posing in front of an old train; Maggie is really into trains, I'm actually thinking of getting her a Thomas the Train set. :)

Meet Rosie red, on the right, who is one day younger than Maggie :)

The band leads the parade

For Jesseca--this was a display of King Tut's tomb made entirely of *butter*--700 pounds of it! Jess, when I saw a butter statue on the fair's map, I had to visit, thinking of the statue of Shawn Johnson at the IA State Fair. :)


  1. That looks like it was so much fun! Thanks for the great pictures-- we feel like we were there-- eating fried snickers and all.

  2. What?! Really? I'm so excited that another state has pursued the art of butter sculpture! Ha :o) It's impressive too. Thanks for including the pic :) Buck has also eaten fried snickers at a State Fair, and was equally impressed. By the way, in the train pic, you don't even look pregnant!! How is that possible? Amazing :)

  3. fun times! I had a fried oreo that was super yum. And PA does the butter scultpres too, i had never seen them before.

  4. looks fun! i love the pic of Mags chowing down on the corn and what the heck - that's a huge hunk of meat (i'm referring to the turkey leg, not aron). :)

  5. Yum! We miss those fried snickers! The turkey leg looks delish! And you DO look amazing, sista. Pregnancy definitely suits you. ;)

  6. All that fried stuff is something isn't it?! Who knew?


  7. Lauren loved the picture of Maggie eating the corn - she said: "Eating Lauren's corn!" to which I replied: "That's Maggie, she's eating her corn." So then Lauren said: "Maggie eating corn." when I scrolled down to look at more pictures, Lauren said: "More please, more Maggie eating corn!" I can only guess what she's going to ask for at lunch ;)