Saturday, October 4, 2008


Welcome to a new series of ongoing postings. I feel Maggie is finally at a place where she says really hilarious and off-the-wall and smart and quirky things.

*Maggie knows most of the ABC song and it's wonderful to hear her sing it...the best part is when she concludes the letters: "X,Y, Zeke."

*We got a balloon at Central Market (a glorified Whole Foods) this week and she loved it. She let it go in the house and it flew to the ceiling and she said, quite seriously, "I can't reach it." Just. Like. That. I didn't even know she knew this phrase!

*After reading a book from the library last week (Mathew A.B.C by Peter Catalanotto), she latched onto one particular character: "Matthew I. is Incognito" the book reads. As we drove home from shopping last weekend, she suddenly shouted out, "Incog-mito!" and said it over and over. We thought it was hilarious because we hadn't read that book all day, nor talked about it. I had no idea she even picked up on this word. Now, she says, "Incog-mito" to get a good laugh from us.

*She fell off her stool the other day and proceeded to start shaking her body, saying something I did not recognize. It took a me a few minutes to realize she was saying, "Shake it off, shake it off!" Again, another phrase I had no idea she knew.

*Lastly, when Aron was a child, his family had a female Weimaraner dog named Hogeboom (Ho-ga-boom), named after football star, Gary Hogeboom. Aron mentioned *one* time to Maggie that the toy dog she has should be called Hogeboom. A week or more passed. As she and I walked down the hall on Wednesday to do laundry, she carried her dog and declared, "Hogeboom!" What a smart little girl!


  1. That is too funny! Fascinating what they pick up, isn't it? It gets funnier!

  2. Shake it off?? Where did that come from??

  3. The "Shake it off" comment made me laugh out loud! Hilarious Mags!

  4. Hogeboom....this needs to teach you that your child misses NOTHING!!!!! And when you least expect it, your words or something from somewhere will come back to haunt you. Scary! And yet, if they'll pick up anything, our job is to be putting down the good stuff, you assume they'll pick that up too.

  5. love the really can tell a lot about a child's personality by the things they are fascinated by and come up with! what a smarty!

    i try to inject owenisms into my blog too when i can, because these are the cute things we might forget if we don't jot them down now...and the things that they will chuckle at when they are older. i'm sure our moms remember some stories, but don't you wish you knew all the details (like we record) about us when we were babes?

    (the shake it off comment is SO cute. i actually taught that to owen when he was younger to take his mind off of when he got hurt. he spends time shaking it off when he gets banged up, which helps him think about something other than what just happened/the pain. i think it's been pretty successful at helping with the owwie situations! ;)