Sunday, October 19, 2008

Georgia: Days 1-5

We arrived home safely last night and I'm ready to blog pics of our travels to the peach state. Maggie and I began the trip with a visit to Laurie's house to meet up with several of my girlfriends from Bible school days in Colorado, 11 years earlier. Tina joined us this year and it was the perfect addition! We all brought our youngest kiddos and surprisingly, it was a very smooth and not-too-choatic weekend, full of good food, conversation, relaxing, a few trips to Starbucks, and a visit to Laurie's church, Northpoint. Thanks, girls, for such a wonderful trip, full of love and support, especially for me, as I found myself in a tough place, parenting-wise, on this trip.

Laurie, the food and house were perfect. We couldn't have asked for anything better.

5 years earlier, at our old haunts at Ravencrest in Estes Park, Colorado...
And now in Atlanta, Georgia...

With some kiddos in tow, from L-R, oldest to youngest: Elise, Maggie, Mia, Vanden, Evangeline, and Audrey

Our gracious hosts, Laurie and Jonathan

Rock climbing with Elise
Chalk art with Tina

Table talk with Elise

Laurie and Audrey, 3 months old

Melisa and Vanden, 9 months old
Tina and Mia, almost-13 months old

Elicia and Evangeline, 5 months old
Swinging with Elise
Evangeline relaxing on the couch
Happy Mags
Bathtub fun--a must with so many kiddos around. From L-R: Van, Elise, Mia, and Mags

Mia enjoying the tupperware drawer
Maggie sporting the new apron Melisa made her
Smiley Van, looking just like his dad

One of our amazing dinners, courtsey of La: spinach salad with candied walnuts, berries, and blue cheese, petite green beans with almonds, and broiled salmon with parmesean grits.

We enjoyed some wonderful dinner time conversation when all the kiddos finally went to bed. This was probably some of the most relaxing time all day long, where we could just focus on a good meal and catching up.


  1. Yea for some good connection time with long-time friends! I think it is amazing that despite the distance and the number of kiddos added to your group, you girls still see each other as often as you do! What a rarity. The kids are so adorable together--especially the bath-time pic! And the girls look beautiful as ever.

  2. i love the one above of mags swinging, and the one below of her sharing the sweet!

  3. i think it's awesome you and your friends meet up every year. what a wonderful tradition! and how fun to continue adding to the group with all the adorable kidlets! glad you had such a great time!