Sunday, October 19, 2008

Georgia: Days 5 1/2-8

We concluded our vacation with Aron's brother's family: Ryan and Brandy, and their kiddos, Alyssa (12 years old) and Ethan (almost-8 years old). It's hard to believe it's been almost 3 years since we have seen them, and like I mentioned in a previous post, they have never met Maggie. But, like with good friends and family, we all instantly reconnected like no time had passed whatsoever. Ryan took some days off from his job as a firefighter and he and Brandy were the perfect hosts. I'm sad to report I have no pics of Brandy; alas! We ate delicious food and enjoyed lots of downtime, movies, games, reading books, and the boys even went fishing one night for a few hours. Ryan shook his head at one point and said, "I can't believe my little brother has a kid!" Aron's dad also joined us and this was supposed to be a surprise, but we found out earlier than intended. He was the perfect addition to our time, but we missed Mema! We hope it won't be 3 more years until our next visit.

All the McKay boys and the newest-to-be
Ryan, Aron, Ethan, and Pops

Aunt Brandy gave Maggie a Halloween cookie ONCE and for 3 mornings straight, at breakfast, Maggie would walk to the pantry and proceed to look longingly at the container, then back to me and ask, "Cookie, please?!" to which I politely declined. She cried every time. Hilarious!

Maggie enjoyed sorting fruit and vegetables and almost ate an entire apple by herself, a first! She normally eats them sliced.

Play time with Uncle Ryan...he is SO good with kiddos. I love to see men who engage with and have fun with kids. Ryan is one of a few firefighters chosen to travel around to elementary schools and talk fire safety to the students. I can see how he is so effective!

Ryan cooking homemade french toast with homemade bread he made...quite possibly the best french toast I've eaten. Brandy contributed as whole-heartedly to our meals, I'm just sorry I have no pics to prove it! :)

We went to a pumpkin farm one day...Here is Mags scurrying away, checking out all there was to see.

Halloween fun with Ethan. Maggie absolutely loved him and both kids got along famously with our girl; I was so grateful. Here, Maggie is a butterfly and Ethan is Luke Skywalker. Did I mention that Brandy goes all-out for Halloween!? You should have seen the decorations inside and outside of their house...pretty amazing!

Alyssa making Maggie laugh with her blue tongue. Brandy is making Alyssa's costume, like always, and it wasn't quite ready for pics.

Cousin love!


  1. I can't believe how big Ethan and Alyssa are! I hardly recognized Ethan. What great pics! I'm so glad Mags was able to meet her McKay cousins! How fun that Mike joined you guys too. Glad Aron got away with his bro to do some fishing--Steve is a little jealous about that. ;) Can't wait to talk to you and get more details about your trip. xoxox

  2. Maggie as a butterfly--so adorable!