Sunday, October 19, 2008

Georgia: Day 5 1/2

Aron joined Maggie and I on Wednesday afternoon and we met up with our friends, Roby and Heather, and their kiddos, Owen (3 years old), and Olive (3 months old), for dinner. Rob and Heather are some of Shannon and Steve's best friends, so I know we all wished the Stutlers could have joined us! Even though it was WAY TOO short of a visit, it was still wonderful to see them and meet Olive for the first time. Here are a few photos outside the restaurant.


  1. SO sad that we missed this wonderful get-together! Wished we could have been there too. ;( Love the pics--cute family shots!

  2. it's funny, the word i just had to spell for word verification in order to post a comment was EMOTE. ;)

  3. we thoroughly enjoyed our time with you guys! SO glad i finally was able to meet mags and have you guys meet olive. yay! can't wait for the next time we all see each other (with the new addition in tow! yippee!)and hopefully for longer and joined by the stutlers! that would be sweetness. owen still thinks "magdie" is a princess ;)