Sunday, October 26, 2008

NKOTB concert update

I've had a week to recover and think through my experience at the concert last Sunday night, the one I blogged about where I felt like a total poser because I didn't even grow up listening to them. And thanks to some probing from Alison (ahem), here are my thoughts. In summation: it was worth the time and money I spent.

*Good girl time beforehand and on the train ride down and back.
*Enjoyable time watching women our age 'oohing' and 'ahhing' over the band, just like in the old days (one woman near us even had tears running down her face during one song Jordan sang...true!).
*Got a good kick out of seeing women our age 1)dressed in full 80s fashion and 2) some dragging their boyfriends/husbands along with them.
*Couldn't stop grinning at the show's opener when the lights were low, the music was loud, the fireworks started, and the band slowly appeared on a rising platform from behind the stage to 1,000 of screaming fans--the sound was absolutely deafening.
*Hilarious to hear these 35-40 year old singers sing new songs like "Grown Man" and hearing the inuendos involved...really!? How old are you guys?! It was like the adult version of NKOTB songs or something.

And finally, for E and Laura K., my commentors who were the only self-proclaimed NKOTB fans (apart from those girls I actually went with to the show), this one is for you: Donnie Wahlberg dropping his drawers...and showing off his boxers. One of my friends, who will remain nameless, looked over at me and exclaimed, "That was worth my 50 bucks!!"


  1. HILARIOUS! Tears? That's so ridiculous. I can't believe DW dropped his pants - he must have felt so dumb doing that. Grown man indeed!!

  2. tears? it's not like they were anything near the beatles!! hahaha! dressing up would have been enough to make me go :) glad it wasn't a waste for you.