Sunday, October 26, 2008

scrap art

I am super excited to share a recent art project I did on Friday night. I had seen this idea on a craft blog a friend passed along to me and immediately thought, "I can do that!" I have been slowly decorating Maggie's room over the last 6 months in a vintage bird theme, adding splashes of colors I love. I decided to create a tree with sky and grass and birds, as you can see below and I'm *more* than pleased with how it turned out! I plan to add a few more canvases to this collection (a close-up of a 2 different birds and another I have yet to decide upon) and hang them in a display in her room. When it's complete, I'll post a picture. This was so EASY...even my non-crafty friends would enjoy this, I promise. And I think this is a wonderful kid-friendly craft if your child uses scissors and would enjoy the process of creating his/her own wall art.
The supply list and directions are simple.

canvas in preferred size (mine is 11x14)
craft paper in various colors/designs
scissors and pencil
Elmer's stick glue
Modge podge
1 sponge paintbrush
ink and inking sponge if desired


Draw a simple picture...I drew a tree and a dividing line between the hills and sky--very easy. Cut papers in various shapes and sizes, there really is no rhyme or reason. I laid out my pieces as I cut them, then went back and glued each one with an Elmer's glue stick. You only need a bit of glue on each piece (meaning they don't have to be perfectly stuck down) because you will modge podge the canvas in the end. I also chose to ink the edges of the canvas at the end, to give the piece a more distressed look. Complete your art project with 2-3 coats of modge podge, depending on how thick your paper is. I will either paint the canvas edges with brown paint to complete it or hang it in a frame.

Here is the orginal that inspired my work.
And here are a few more I'm contemplating doing: see here and here.


  1. So freaking cool. That turned out great!!!

  2. It looks so good! That was quick turnaround from getting the blog to actually doing the project.

  3. SUZ!!! you are the craft WIZARD! that looks totally great! i really really like it! SO cool. i think i like yours better than the one you showed me on the blog. i'm inspired! now i want to see a pic of it hanging in maggie's room. xo

  4. This looks fabulous! I'm so impressed, Suz! Let's see a pic of it hanging in Mags' room.

  5. i agree, this is a fun craft. i've done it before, but should try my hand again! love how yours turned out and can't wait to see your next installations!

  6. collage art is so fun and what you have done is so pretty! would be fun to do with kids...

  7. Kudos to you-- daring to try something out of your 9 dots-- and for completing it! Looks great and quite professional!